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Finding beauty in junk

Apolo Tirol's art is about transformation. 

Long before his art came into being, visiting the local junk shops was already his pastime. He takes pride and finds joy in chancing upon little knickknacks and using them as material for a project at hand. He would use old refrigerators as breeding ponds for fish, and old electric fans as bird cages.


But in early 2022, he was staring at a load of old motor chains at the junk shop and began to visualize junk beyond its use as spare parts.  Soon enough, his imagination sprung out which led him to conjure his very first junk art, Seahorse No. 1. From then on, he views junk with dual sets of eyes, one for utility, the other for discerning the potential beauty each piece could become. For Apolo, anything can be junk or art. The difference only lies in imagination, intention and heart.

About Apolo R Tirol

Artist, farmer & observer of nature

Apolo's childhood was rife with self-discovery of nature. Being the seventh child in a brood of eleven, he grew up with much freedom to investigate the flora and fauna that thrived in their large backyard, all their cousins' yards, and Cainget Beach at the Tirol family compound  in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. This developed into his  peculiar love for animals; cute and scary ones alike. He would catch insects; spiders and scorpions were his favorites, and would  study their behaviors intently. He knew exactly which ones were poisonous and which ones were harmless. He has a special affinity to snakes and pythons, which he would catch and keep as pets. This love for animals would flourish into a small pet shop business, which he maintained until 2001. 

From the beginning, Apolo had instinctively tread the unconventional path. He was, and still is, naturally inclined to finding joy in unstructured activities, where he could discover his own solutions and creations. This also meant that traditional schooling was not the primary avenue for excelling. Nevertheless, he pursued various options for a college degree, eventually gaining a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. However, ironically, he has not worked a day in the health care industry. Instead, he devoted his time to tending to the family's farming assets, while pursuing entrepreneurial creative activities on the side. In 2022, he breathed life into metal sculptures from pieces of junk he collected from local junk dealers. 

He lives and works in Dauis, Bohol with his wife, Cristine, six dogs, two cats, gazillion fish and birds. He has three children from a previous marriage and two step-daughters. 

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